Session #1
Along the Triboar Trail

The adventurers had been asked by Gundren Rockseeker to bring a wagonload of provisions from Neverwinter to the rough and tumble settlement of Phandalin a couple of day’s journey southeast from the city.

“Me and me brothers have found something big, huge even. I ride to meet them to seal the deal. I could really use your help. It will be worth your time. I want to make sure the goods as well as those traveling with the goods are unharmed.”

“You will be paid 10gp by Elmar Barthen, owner of Barthen’s Provisions in Phandalin, once you deliver the wagon safely to that trading post.”

He then set out ahead with Sildar Hallwinter, a warrior escort, claiming that he needed to arrive early to “take care of business”.

After a few days’ journey following the High Road south from Neverwinter, the party veered east onto the Triboar Trail. So far, they have encountered no trouble but this territory is known to be dangerous. Bandits and outlaws have been known to lurk along the trail.

About a half a day on Triboar trail the group spots two dead horses sprawled in the middle of the road about 50 feet ahead. Examining the horses, Shortlock recognizes them as the horses Gundren and Sildar rode off on several days before. The saddle bags are empty and an empty leather map case is found close by.

“It was an ambush” states Shortlock. Aria fades into the forest on the left side of the trail to keep an eye on things while the others look for clues. Mon’Ki examines the dead horses looking for trails of blood leading away from the ambush site. Mon’ki does not find any blood but does pick up goblin tracks leading off to the right into the woods. As the rest of the group starts to move in that direction four goblins appear, two on each side of the road. Two have shortbows and the other two have scimitars. The two with the scimitars run to engage the party while the ones with bows stand back to give cover fire.

Austin is quick to the draw and lets fly an eldritch blast damaging the goblin with the bow on the right side of the trail. Nameless shoots a firebolt giving the goblin enough damage to drop it. Aria shoots her bow while hidden getting a sneak attack on the other goblin with a bow which does more than enough to damage to drop it. Mon’ki attacks one of the goblins with a scimitar taking it out. Ben Commands the other goblin to kill himself but the goblin does not understand and is stunned giving Shortlock advantage to his attack but it still misses. Austin fires another eldritch blast taking the last goblin out.

After searching the goblins Shortlock announces that these goblins are part of the Cragmaw tribe. They are known in the area but have not been troublemakers, until now. He also notices a simple trail on the right side of the road. He and Mon’ki look around the trail and see upwards of 12 individual goblin footprints and two human sized boot prints. The goblin prints are all over the place most of them being made in the last week. The human prints only go down the newly found trail. After a discussion about whether they should search for Gundren and Sildar or take the wagon of supplies on to Phandalin the group decides that Aria with the assistance of Austin and Ben would hide the wagon within the forest while the others scout the new trail. The trail is about 5 ft from side to side and probably was made within the last 6 months so it is a little rough.

next scheduled session is September 23, 2016 6pm

The Great Knock

It is called The Great Knock. A giant Hand from the clouds reaching down smashing or grabbing at various places around the world. Civilizations ceased to exist in moments. Seas drained, mountains crumbled. Some have said the gods were angry with the people, others have said that the gods were angry with themselves. Others say the gods had nothing to do with it. That it was demons who tried to destroy the earth and the gods only became involved to drive the demons off the Prime Plane.

That was 1500 years ago. The survivors began the slow process of rebuilding… The Forgotten Realms.

“the stars have aligned, pray the Hand does not return”


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